10 Perks Of Being A Tall Girl

With the height of a man & comfort of a woman

Thought Catalog


Being 6’1” and a female comes with its fair share of struggles, lamented by tall women on the internet through articles, forums, and Twitter accounts. Girls growing up vertically advantaged are desperately trying to fit in by slouching and not even looking twice at a pair of high heels, let alone consider wearing them in public. Trust me, I was one of them. “Embrace your height!” has been shouted to me by everyone. My parents, schoolteachers, strangers in grocery stores, clerks at checkouts. It almost took me two decades but I’ve finally found a few perks of being taller than the average female (and male).

1. Long legs

Obviously the first perk. Do I even need to elaborate? Long legs look incredible in clothes, and even more incredible if you’re brave enough to wear heels. With the help of long legs, there are few pieces of clothing that tall…

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