WWF – #WeLoveCities

WWF takes up an initiative in 2015 inviting us to join hands in celebrating the most lovable sustainable cities, for it’s the cities that are opportune enough to create a better & healthier living planet for all of us. Cities and its citizens could work together in injecting more greens in the surroundings, wasting less and loving more and make it a more eco-friendly place for everyone.

Cities worldwide take part in this project into devising strategies and plans to have a healthier environ and to vaccum them of unnecessary wastage to save nature! Those who love their cities come up with multiple ideas and suggestions on climbing another ladder towards long term sustainability.


There are many ways of vaccuming your city: Car-free areas; inculcating the use of renewables (naturally recurring energy sources); Investing in more green architecture & encouraging minimum wastage.


I wish even Pakistan could be a part of this project, but unfortunately it isn’t. I, for one, would want to start with elimination of litter and tree plantations for my beloved city of Karachi, as we are still really very far from becoming environment friendly, let alone sustainable.

WWF helps you select your city (if listed) from the map and vote for it by sharing it on social media. Even if it’s not your city but you have a suggestion for their climate friendly future, you can put it in and it will surely reach them

Untitled3 Instagram your city with its hashtag (#); vote for it and make suggestions for improvement.



No matter how small this may seem, but just the sheer realization of it for an individual can make a huge change in the climate! I believe it’s a great step to engage the people in making small efforts to make their city the most lovable one!

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