Meal with an A(l)titude

A foodie always admires and appreciates different cuisines, no matter where he is situated. For even if it is good or bad or some where in between, the experience is what really matters to one.

The restaurant in discussion here is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan (I am from Karachi), known famously by the name of Monal Hotel & Restaurant in Pir Sohawa. Pir Sohawa, Daman-e-Koh are basically situated in the enticing & mysterious Margalla hills of the city. Constructed about 3000+ ft above sea level, this place has gained popularity not just because of its food, but because of the scenic beauty one is engulfed with, while driving around the sharp, twisty and clever turns to reach the top.

Twisty, curvy route to Pir Sohawa
Twisty, curvy route to Pir Sohawa

The experience becomes even more exciting in winters, with icy chilly winds trying to embrace you from every corner, with you trying to escape it as much as possible. After a pleasant struggle of escaping the incoming traffic on the sharp turns, as one nears the destination, you would see the warm lit Monal Restaurant vertically standing on a high cliff, with a miniature model of the city lighting in the background.

The Monal Restaurant
The Monal Restaurant

One drops off to this nice bright avenue sort of a place, where there is indoor and outdoor seating available. The view outside is breathtakingly beautiful and everyone prefers to be seated outdoors if the weather is mildly cold or summery pleasant. But the time I visited it, it was uber cold and hence we decided to clasp some warmth and got seated inside. 

The menu covered a wide array of Pakistani, Continental & Chinese ranges. We ordered Peshawari Karahi, Mix Platter, Peshawari Chapli, Mahkni Handi & Palak Paneer for dinner. Now, I may sound biased, but a true Karachiite will always love Khi food over any other and that’s what I am about to do as well.

The food was no doubt tasty, fresh and a little undercooked as is the norm in the northern region. Creamy Palak Paneer and succulent Peshawari Chapli Kebabs that were truly a bliss. As for the rest, well nothing beats Karachi food.. Always the best!

Service, taste, ambience all served us well enough and overall it was a refreshing experience mainly due to the view outside and the fact that I was almost 3000+ ft above the sea level … It was just sensational

Now I’ll let you savour your eyes with the yummy isloo delights 🙂

Mint Lemonade


Mix Platter
Peshawari Karahi
Makhni Handi & Palak Paneer





















If you ever get a chance to visit Islamabad, do visit this spectacular place, preferably late at night so that you can stay there late, camp around nearby and see the morning sun rise above the Margalla Hills 🙂  Ciao!




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