The Bold & The Juicy

A healthy lifestyle is not just about eating well, exercising, yoga and blah blah blah. It also includes maintaining a healthy social life too. Taking out time in the extremely overloaded life of Karachi is a talent in its own. So yeah, sometimes we need a push, a reason to make time and meet friends over something special.

After a week of illness and bitter taste buds, I had an intense urge to step out and meet some friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. I’d say, T.G.I.F (Thank God It’s Fridays) heard my hearts voice and arranged this get together inviting some of the known food bloggers and key influencers on Twitter to have a taste of their newest additions on the menu known as the Bold & the Juicy. The tweeps were to taste the grub and tweet anything following the hashtag #GiveMeMoreFridays. The crows there was even larger than I had expected… met a lot of long lost friends and acquaintances and gave a physical face to some people I had only known on Twitter up till then.

Beef Bacon Cheese Burger
Beef Bacon Cheese Burger
Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger
Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger






Tennesee Burger
Tennesee Burger

Immediately, after being seated, we were given a range of their latest burgers to choose from and my prompt choice was Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger with the flavourful and tangy Special Mojito. Served in 20 mins of time, the buns and the patty were fresh as a daisy. Enormous,  succulent, juicy & crisp on the edges, the mushroom beef burger was a delight to my food-yearning taste buds. Sauteed mushrooms stuck in a melted cheese slice with crunchy veges was heavenly, otherwise most restaurants fail to focus on using fresh salad items in their burgers. The Special Mojito was an ecstasy in itself too, tangy, minty & icy.. all at once!

Here’s a visual to excite your taste buds too..

Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger - T.G.I.F
Mushroom & Cheese Burger @ T.G.I.F – Photo by the author


Special Mojito @ T.G.I.F - Photo by the author
Special Mojito @ T.G.I.F – Photo by the author


Is it not gorging-ly gorgeous!

Taking breaks in the midst for selfies, food snaps, chatter and gossip and returning back to the meals, the entire experience was wonderful. The staff, friendly and helpful as always, did their usual dance after certain interval, hollering T.G.I.F and showing some fitzy fancy moves on classic American rock.

House of Nirvana @ T.G.I.F - Photo by the author
House of Nirvana @ T.G.I.F – Photo by the author
Selfie Time!
Selfie Time!








All one could hear everywhere that day, were laughter, screams of joy & clicks of cameras here and there, proving that everyone was having a pleasant time grubbing and sipping on delicious beverages.Well, you won’t be disappointed by the size and capacity of the meals, I am sure.

Fresh Pomegranate Juice @ T.G.I.F - Photo by the author
Fresh Pomegranate Juice @ T.G.I.F – Photo by the author

Weekends are eagerly desired by everyone but in case today is a Tuesday (which it is) and you are still under the weekend hangover; hop into your ride and speed off to the one & only T.G.I.F at Clifton, Karachi and relish a weekend, because in there it’s always Friday 😀

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