WTF – Where’s The Food

On a mid winter Sunday afternoon, when all the sane people are either napping, watching a movie, munching pop corn or making evening plans… I sit here tweeting food photos and re-savouring them in my head.. Crazy people we foodies are, no?

Now why should I enjoy this joy filled grub ride alone?… Join in with me!

Here we go….

1. What’s in for starters?

Venue: California Pizza, Karachi

2. Took this sizzle shot with a simple phone cam; idea was to catch the smoke with that ye so creamy mushroom sauce…MMMmmmmmMMM

Venue: Koffie Chalet, Zamzama

3.  Some random lunch photography of a delicious Lasagna gratin

Venue: The Forum Cafe – Timeout

4. A new trial….The cheese was soooo good!

Venue: Burger Inc., Clifton

5. Pretty inviting ….. smooth & creamy

Venue: New York Coffee, Zamzama

6. The joy is when you poke it with a fork… and out oozes the creamy butter & cheese filling! 😀

Venue: Rowtisserie

7. Low cost but healthy meal

Venue: Fish Chick, SMCHS

8.  Something desi…Palak Paneer (Spinach & cheese)

Venue: Desi, Kh-e-Shahbaz

9. If you like lunching under sun roofs and open spaces, this place is it… ofcourse it comes with good food

Venue: Cafe Aylanto

10. Its Fry time…

Venue: OPTP

11. Because everyone said, I should try Dolmas

Venue: Chicken Tikka, Ajman

12. Fish Fillet cooked in butter milk… worth a shot!

Venue: Lemonade, Dubai

13. The necessary grub

Venue: Bait al Mandi, Dubai

14. Focus on the sweet spot…

Venue: Bella Vita, Zamzama

15. One needs to have tea after such gluttony

Venue: Wafi Mall -Khan Souq, Dubai

That’s All Folks

Hope you enjoyed the ride! now lets’s get to some Yoga! 😀

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