The Magnum-ous Event..


Chocolate is the health food for the soul!

Pleasure, bliss, happiness, delight & rejoice along with many other emotions have often been associated with the consumption of chocolate, and why should it not be? It is probably THE most heavenly eatable found on planet Earth. A never ending chocolate fountain of your own would be a dream come true for a chocolate lover 😀

Speaking of Chocolate, one of the few brands that pop up in the head is Magnum. Almost everyone is charmed by its thick, dark/milk chocolate covered in nuts, almonds and fudge layer. Most people tend to go for the nutty, almond flavour, which is why one would find it short in the retail stores very often. So, what if you were never to run out of any topping and could add more toppings of your choice, loading it with plethora of exotic flavours?

Well, this is not just a theory anymore, Magnum has launched its first ever Pleasure Store in Pakistan on the 14th of September at Clifton block 7 near Boat Basin for the pleasure seekers to indulge and keep their palates doused in premium sweetness of Belgian chocolate.

The Magnum pleasure store offers a wide variety of toppings to make your very own customized chocolate bar and enjoy the luxury ice cream brand as per choice. The fanciness does not end here, rather the decor, the plush sofas, modern architect is what awes you upon entrance as well. Not too heavy and daunting on the outlook, but luxurious and cosy at the same time.

A grand launch event was arranged by the Magnum team and renowned bloggers were given the exclusive sneak peek of the ‘Make My Magnum’ experience. It comprised of 6 simple steps:

Coat it, Top it, Drizzle it, Set it, Share it and Love it!


and here you go with your self created beautiful magnum bunched with sweet condiments 🙂

After enjoying their personalised Magnum, the bloggers were treated to some fun activities such as a ‘Magnum Pleasure Hunt’ and the ‘Make My Magnum Challenge’.

The bloggers took a picture with their customized Magnums and nominated four of their friends on social media to the ‘Make My Magnum Challenge’. Everybody was to tweet with the hashtag of #MagnumKarachi which started trending in no time.

All the invitees seemed to enjoy the event thoroughly, snapping selfies, embellishing their magnums, munching on them, participating in the quiz & anxiously waiting for the winners names to announce. A few of my friends won this beautiful set of a diary, keychain and a wallet.


The store is now open for the public to visit and enjoy a magnum of their preference.

Have you visited the Magnum Store yet? Join the conversations at #MagnumKarachi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

The Digital PR event (pre launch) was managed by Creative Chaos and the BTL team was from Empact.


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