The Afterglow – Pond’s White Beauty Relaunch

“Great skin is always in”

Yes, but how to get this great skin is a question most women ask, eventually applying numerous varieties of skin whitening creams or lotions. What most women fail to realize is that it’s not just the fair complexion that is important but basically it’s the glow and even toned skin that gives your skin an ultimate radiance.

Recently, Pond’s has relaunched its White Beauty daily spot lightening cream with the latest and distinct GenWhite technology that not only helps reduce the dark spots but enhance the radiance of your skin giving you a spotless glow.







I am Amber Zulfiqar, an Account Manager by profession. Taking outdoors trips is pretty usual for my job routine, which also means I have to face the harsh sun on a regular basis that not only increases dark spots on my skin but also makes it dull and crumpled.
Usually, I don’t tend to take much care of my skin, but carrying a dull & dark spotted face around meetings is definitely not a good idea. I was suggested by a skin expert, to use the new enhanced formula of Pond’s White Beauty to get rid of the persistent dark spots on my face.

I started using it and recorded my observations as follows:

9-2-2014 4-03-20 PM 9-2-2014 4-03-41 PM 9-2-2014 4-04-04 PM On Friday, 29th of August, Pond’s held an on-ground relaunch event and invited some notable beauty bloggers and key influencers from Twitter to review the product and understand the essence of its ingredients. Ms. Saeeda Mandviwalla, A skin specialist at Pond’s beauty center educated us all about melanin compounds and dark spots and how harmful can UV rays be for our delicate skin, and exactly how Pond’s White Beauty GenWhite formula helps combat it, giving us a blossoming skin. We spoke of our experience of using the wonder cream and more or less everyone was of the same opinion that Pond’s White Beauty is like a magic pill for ill skin.  

The best part of the event was the magnificent special Pond’s facial and Tony & Guy’s blowdry vouchers that some of us won for an interactive tweeting session about the event. Not just this, we also received goodie bags  🙂 


20140829_223631 20140829_223735


I have kept away all foundations and other creams from my bag, because one small touch of Pond’s White beauty cream does gives me the ultimate fresh vibrant look!

Have you tried it? Comment & let me know

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Cheers to a glowing radiant skin!

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