Rain of hope..


The Rain Room Is Unveiled At The Curve Inside The Barbican Centre

With every drop, the wrinkles on my forehead decrease; the curve on my face enhances; the ease gets visible, the tears mix with the droplets.. I look up, “is this the way you answer my question?” “So have you heard my prayers?” I asked the Almighty in a drenched state of love and despair – a deadly combination

I keep sitting under the drizzling sky, and continue with my list of queries that i gather everyday, in hope to find my answers.
Like a foolish woman in love, I thought the rain was an answer to if I would ever find happiness in love …
Silly me! how could some drops of water from the Heavens show me the way to the puzzle but this is how I choose to believe it.
Why not welcome even the most temporary of satisfaction that enters into your life. Maybe this is Gods way of responding, maybe he does want to wash away the dirt of doubt from my mind and allow me to look at the brighter side of the situation and not lose hope.
Call me nuts, but this is how I feel…  pleasant, peaceful & in control of my emotions, for the hovering clouds, the downpour and the following calm breeze seem to depict my state. I think I just need to be patient and let the time pour itself down the hour glass..
There will be an end to this misery..
Happiness WILL come!

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