Bidding Farewell

What is a sad moment?

Getting mugged? missing a deadline? losing your job?

Plenty of episodes can prove to be doleful for many of us in a different context. What may easily be borne by one may possibly tear apart another. It’s all about capacity & importance, but one can not say that nothing can ever hurt them at all. Even the toughest of them all is not really tough in every case. 

Good bye, a generic expression stated when parting ways, may not hold a deep meaning for some, but to some, it interprets as distancing from something or someone that you have grown to love and adore and have not simply thought of not seeing on a regular basis. But fate is always spontaneously mysterious and strikes on spur of a moment. Waving goodbyes to people you have grown used to talking to or have a strong affiliation with, is not just hard but at the time of departure, all moments start to flash in front of your eyes, and you miss all those little things that you possibly had not paid attention to before. But, that’s the beauty of the relationship, is it not? that the intensity of holding them back and keeping them with you forever when you know the chances are minimal actually translates the strength of your bonding and at times, brings forward those emotions that you had not decided to reveal ever.

It’s rightfully said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” 

It gets easier to endure the distance when you start believing that those goodbyes are not final & that you will miss them till you meet them again.

Till then, hold onto those precious memories and let them flash around you, never letting you feel that you are far away from them & hoping for a reunion soon 🙂



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