What Matters in the End Is What’s On the Plate: Why Presentation Matters?

The presentation of the food is an essential part of the overall dish. It is what initially attracts you followed by the aroma, the taste and the flavour.

Look at it this way. When you mow the lawn, it looks clean and nice but when you mow the lawn and put in some garden gnomes, a small pond in the corner and a few flowers surrounding the garden, it looks breath taking.  That makes you want to spend more time for the garden. Similarly, when you serve a dish, you need to ensure that what you are serving looks as good as it tastes. You can’t simply put the food on the plate and serve it.

Every chef, every cook needs to put their head into thinking about what kind of presentation for the food would be best. Every food type would have a different presentation style. Every occasion would need a unique presentation style. At a birthday party for a 10-year-old would need to have food that looks like fun so that the children want to have the food.  At a formal business meeting, you need to have food that is easy to eat and sophisticated so that the food does not mess-up the formal attire.

Thinking about how to present your dish can take time, but actually taking time while presenting the dish might not be the best way to go. You need to be careful that the food that is supposed to be served hot should stay hot at the time it is served. The food that is supposed to be presented in the solid state does not melt down while working on the presentation.

Presenting food well include the appropriate plate size. Today, plates are available in many sizes, colours, shapes and patterns. Please remember that choose your plates carefully, as the plate is a frame of the presentation. A plate that is too small for the food will look cluttered and might also cause hindrance while eating. Similarly, a big enough plate would make the food look scarce. The ratio needs to be proportionate so that the final presentation looks just right.

Also you need to keep experimenting and keep thinking of new ways to present your food. A presentation that looks good the first time might not look as good the second and the third time.

Are there any good presentation tips that you want to share with me? Share!


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