Food Appreciated!

Happiness may have different meanings for different people, but for me happiness is Food! Call me a glutton or a trencher-woman, but I live to eat & it has become a personality trait, quite common among my acquaintances.


I not only exhibit my love for food by gobbling it but by also boasting about it on social forums. Today just happens to be the day for this new eaterie in Karachi, GRUB, which is a delivery-only restaurant and caters fast food as popular category. 




I tried their Chicken Fajita Pizza and unlike the usual baked pizza, they served it baked in wood fired oven, which not only added taste to the crust but gave its edges a very light crisp making the after consumption effect less heavy and fresh. 




Their pricing was perfect and worthy of the serving size as compared to other pizzas available in town that serve thick pizzas only comprising of the dough, less cheese and end up causing acidity too. They, on the other hand, did some magic while baking, that even after leaving it untouched for an hour, it tasted like fresh-out-of-the-oven which is a great feature of any restaurant besides providing good taste. 

They also provided a small pizza cutter so that we wouldn’t have to fidget with the slices by using our hands for breaking them. Its’ nothing major, but the convenience they forethought to give to their customers is what I admired. 

Along side the order, they also gifted me a discount card which I can avail later in the future when I make a purchase of the given item on the card. Though minimal, a discount is a discount after all 🙂

So yeah, though it’s a Monday, which usually turns out dull & boring, this one was quite an interesting one, all because of something I love: FOOD and the credit goes to GRUB

for more information, please visit:






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