Johnny Rockets Experientia..


Following the bandwagon of launching international burger chains here in pakistan, Johnny Rockets just couldn’t afford any more patience & inaugurated in Karachi, Dec 06 at the Dolmen Mall Clifton. My workplace being in the nearby vicinity, my colleagues & I decided to be the first ones to explore and experience

Luckily, (or maybe not) , there was not enough crazy crowd present there as there was at the opening of another brands recently, yet it took us some great deal of time to pass through the doors to be seated. Meanwhile they cleaned our table and arranged it, which btw took ages, we got a chance to take photos with their decorative props set right outside their place..which were admiring enough and considering that, all the photo-frenzy. click-loving people were snapping photographs with the Elvis presley cut-outs and others present there.


After a wait time of 25 minutes, we finally had the chance to visit the oh-so-talked-about American style burger joint. The clamour and commotion was at its peak, faces seemed happy and excited. A photo click here and a photo click there, that and sounds like, “Oh Wow”, “This is expensive” & “Hey, how much more time for the order” were audible from all around.

We got a nice cozy corner for our seating, grabbed the menu and examined it with that flabbergasted expression as the prices of a single burger started from Rs.700 without a combo & if you added fries and a drink with it, it approximately amounted to Rs. 1500 which is highly exorbitant for a burger experience here. No doubt the food tasted quite good, and the shakes were remarkably thick and delightful.

The music was peppy and of the 70’s era, amused us to the core & made us feel like dancing too but the wait time for the order was quite a turn off. However, we should give them some leeway for now as they have just started and didn’t expect that kind of rush, as is the common excuse of our restaurant owners here. Whereas I believe, this is the time when you’re most under observation and can or can not gain an influential customer base only based on their service quality.

Anyhow, the orders finally arrived, looking good as usual, but ofcourse with minimally counted number of fries as is the practice of all eateries these days, as they think its going to be highly unfair to give their customers the value for money (that’s probably old school).



With the meal gulped and charges paid for, we left the place with tummies certainly satisfied but wallets screaming of emptiness.

We tried comforting ourselves with the thought that we were a part of the first slot that tried Johnny Rockets in Karachi and it really helped us in forgetting the pain of the humongous money we had spent for no doubt a good burger, but then again it was just a burger right???

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