The Gravitational Effect

Saturday eve, I had my cousins over for a stay & we jot down a number of ideas we could execute for our short spanned stayover plan.

The most convenient and quick idea we thought of was to go for a movie at a newly originated cinema house nearby, Nueplex Cinemas, (Karachi), which is gaining fame for its remarkable wide screens and comfortable lavish interior. Though it sells tickets expensive from other cinemas in the city, Still I decided to give it a shot as the factor of exploring a new location also had its appeal.

All of us unanimously decided upon watching the recent hyped up flick, “GRAVITY”. We reached there at 6:15, as the show was to begin at 6:45. got the tickets, necessary eatables (obviously caramel popcorns & nachos) & rushed indoors. The ticket checker if I had bought the 3D glasses as well to watch the movie but I told him I didn’t have any and neither did I want to purchase them, thinking the last time I had gone for a 3D movie in another locally built cinema, the experience was next to failure, hence I just went in and got seated.

Lights out. The celluloid started rolling, the adverts came first of course.. and for the first time I thanked God for the adverts to take so long to play because I had then realized that their 3D was super cool. I know to some foreign readers this may sound strange, but we  are yet to reach the perfection of such basic technology here 🙂

Anyhow, while the adverts were rolling, I rushed out to get the glasses for my cousins & myself, realized I was short of cash, hence had to rush to the nearest ATM, ran back upstairs, purchased the 3D glasses & zoomed into the movie room.

“Sighs”, 15 mins of the movie had passed, but I caught the movie right at the spot when it was gaining momentum. I relaxed myself into the sinking soft seat and put on my glasses. Oh man!.. The astronauts, the satellites, the water droplets everything felt within my reach. So many times I tried to reach out to touch the objects flying towards me.


The shake-effect shook us totally when a satellite blew up due to fire in one prospect, the tears floating, the flames levitating, toys hanging, everything presented a great effect over all.

Dr. Ryan Stone: “Clear skies with a chance of satellite debris”

The acting was superb though the story didn’t have much weight in it except for a strong message hidden in it for the astro-lovers. Had it not been for the 3D effects, the movie wouldn’t have stirred such a hype among the crowd, but the emotions were portrayed beautifully, expressions well performed.

Good part was that the movie did not drag itself too long as it didn’t have much to drag either but yes, whatever span it ran for i.e 1 hr 30 mins, it was totally worth it. However, this is NOT the kind to be watched on a 2D screen

The cinematography is excellent, never had I seen the space look so close enough and this beautiful.

Matt Kowalski: What do you like the most about this place?

Dr. Ryan Stone: Silence

A must watch for all those who have not yet experienced it & given a chance, I would certainly go for it again, provided somebody pays for me as I paid pretty heftily for the tickets & the eatables. LOL

my ratings: 8/10

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