The Alabaster Beauty

A lethargic routine clogs our minds with a large number of cobwebs. Once in a while, we should cease all routines and give time to ourselves to refresh the minds and breathe the fresh air and absorb the beauty that surrounds us.

Not necessarily, will you find it accurately around you, but you may just want to explore the areas of your own abode (read country) before you leap to get a passport and go somewhere abroad.

Pakistan has many unexplored scenic sections that people feel hesitant to visit, due to security issues of course and also because I feel, we have associated beauty and luxury in travelling abroad only and have stopped considering Pakistan worth Tourism. Security issues are definitely a hindrance, but to be honest, the media amplifies the impact too.

With certain prerequisites and preemptive measure taken, you can safely make a tour to some of the most beautiful locations up extreme North.

I personally am in love with the glacial streak that starts from Hisper Valley in Hunza Nagar, Gilgit Baltistan.

Here are a few screenshots as a special feature

The enticing yet edgy, Biafo Glaciers, Karakoram


The home to some of the most exquisite valleys and peaks


Buddhist Sanskrit texts, including the long version of the Heart Sutra have been unearthed in Gilgit.

The Silk Road,

The mesmerizing, steep and breath taking view of the Baltoro Glacier, the longest glacier of Pakistan



Even on a sunny day, the RakaPoshi peak stands shining to awe the viewers.


As a giant rock it rises above the ground like a holy deity, making others seem so small in front of it.


The never ending streak of glaciers, with glowing foamy snow,

The Baltoro Glaciers


Such beauty. Such Adventure. Such Peace that we possess right here within our reach.

So why go through the hassle of getting into stretched ques for passports & visas to go Switzerland or Norway for snow, when we have ample supply of artistry & allure on our very own homeland.

All hail to God’s imagination.

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