I sat at the Lunch table at work today after a long dreary periodic day, 

tummy grumbling, mouth dry & tasteless, hungry for some spicy aromatic flavour to revive its senses, Samad Bhai, our saviour and Kitchen assistant quickly laid the dishes on the table brought by some colleagues from their home. 

Now we all know there’s nothing like home cooked delish food. Out of all the appetizing items, my brain processed & picked the most tempting ones in terms of aroma and appeal and I knew what I was going to lay my hands on, White Chicken Karahi, Beef Mince & ShamI Kebabs. 

All my lunch mates gathered and following the ritual of eating together from each other’s platter, we began gobbling it down and OH! the tender beef mince with butter, the chilli filled white Karahi and crisp Kebabs fulfilled all the emptiness and void that my belly felt a while ago. 

Strange how the state of your belly can turn your mood from groggy to super lively when its brimmed with delectable food. 





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