God’s Way of Social Networking

Man is definitely a social animal but God is an even bigger social guru, even greater than Mark Zuckerberg, who didn’t just stop at creating Facebook but gave us a whole GlobeBook where we connect, ping, tag and follow a huge chunk of people who help us enjoy our time, move forward, make memories & cherish them forever and mind you, it’s all preplanned!

From school to universities to worklife, we come across a multi million persons with diversified backgrounds and stature.
Friendship requests are exchanged, photo memories are captured & the “other” extended friends are also tagged. The more the number of friends or acquaintances you make, the more social you are considered. Your daily conversations with them make your daily posts and its quality is what we can see as “view friendship as”
When these friendships turn sour at any point, we tend to block them from our lives as well.

Each time we meet a new person, a red beep gleams up there in HIS social hub & the target meeting checklist is ticked. This way, we meet a set number of people each day who by all means tend to fulfil a certain purpose in our life some way or the other. Some come as a challenge, while rest are there to guide us to a shining path.

Often we say, “oh! It’s such a small world”, well it’s all because of Gods social networking platform that we all are a part of and carry with us as our social profile

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