5 Foods that Boost Your Metabolism and Help you Reduce Weight

A healthy rate of metabolism is essential to make sure your body stays in proper shape. In layman terms, this process helps to breakdown food substances in the body (it is also responsible for building proteins and other essential substances but we will focus on the breaking down element only). If you are thinking of reducing weight or are currently engaged in this difficult activity, you should incorporate the following foods to improve your metabolism rate and facilitate your diet.




Turmeric or ‘Haldi’ (called in Urdu) is found in majority of Pakistani and Indian cuisines therefore it would not be hard to slightly increase the quantity of this magnificent spice so that it helps you in your weight reduction mission. Turmeric is full of antioxidants, which not only improves your metabolism but also keeps your skin healthy.

Chili Peppers


You might have heard eating spicy food is not good for health, think again! Capsaicin in chilies makes the food spicy and increases the amount of sweat an individual produces. This increase in sweat production is due to the increase metabolic activity of the body. Chili peppers have other benefits as well; they are a rich source of vitamin C and carotenoids, which plays an integral role in cancer prevention.



It is recommended to eat it in raw form rather than using it as an ingredient in the cooking process, which generally happens in majority of Pakistani households. Like Chili Peppers, Ginger increases your metabolic activity thanks to the large quantities of capsaicin present.




The richest source of caffeine is undoubtedly coffee and tea. Due to other benefits of the former, I would recommend to incorporate coffee in your daily routine rather than opting for tea. Pakistan is a nation of tea drinkers, since drinking coffee is still considered to many a western concept. Benefits of coffee are broader in scope than just improving your metabolism; it contains elements which can fight cancer and at the same time help in improving concentration level. According to research, one cup of coffee per day is not sufficient to see the health related benefits of coffee; it is advised to drink 2 cups a day.



Out of all the foods I have mentioned, I think incorporating cinnamon in your daily diet would be the most difficult. Many people find the taste of raw cinnamon unpleasant and majority just view it as a doughnut topping (as it is found in products made by Dunkin Donuts and Cinnabon). It not only increases metabolic activity but also aids in digestion.

All the foods I have recommended should be consumed in adequate quantity; not too little and not too much. Excess use of any type of food may result in dire health consequences such as increased consumption of coffee can result in sleeplessness and nervousness. Most importantly, try to eat these foods in their raw form as cooking them significant reduces their health benefits.

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