The way back

Its 6:30 p.m.
Time to move the reel in reverse and retrace the steps that we trailed in the morning.
You are out on the road and theres a loyd hustle bustle.
Everybody wishes to reach somewhere or the other and is always in a hurry no matter what their driving pattern might be.
Stopping at a signal can be sometimes really interesting, specially for those who like to sneak peek in their surroundings. You will see a bunch of girls sitting in a van giggling over something silly, a stern looking guy saying NO to the viper wala boys and cursing under their breath, some moochar staring at you from behind their slightly tinted windows, the best are the bikers who professionally swing their bikes here and there & finally find a way out.
Everyone is occupied with different thoughts, different problems and most of us tend to show it with the expression we carry around. Reading them and making up a story in your mind about who might be thinking what is fun in itself when you got nothing else to do as you sit in the car waiting for your droput spot to come.
Usually its some game or WhatsApp that keeps me occupied but at times “looking around” is an entertainment too. You may just find something worthwhile to take back home and reiterate. 🙂

Abrupt ending? Yeah.. I have reached Home basically 😛

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