It Goes On…

Change is inevitable. 



It’s part of everything we do or face since the beginning. We were created with a change in the molecular placement of cells in our body and its design. The quality of life, our needs, wishes, likes, dislikes, everything keeps changing till there comes a time where we reach the culmination of volatility and can change no further and are hence presumed “dead” BUT no!.. we do not lay still even after this huge morsel of flesh becomes immobile. It undergoes the transition phase of interrogation; catharsis, further experimentation and so on. It may become slightly stagnant for some time but never really ceases. 

The keynote is that if we all admit that change is binding and inescapable, how many of us are always willing and ready to accept it? 

We fret upon its arrival, bury ourselves in fear of getting scathed by it, or run away in hope of out-pacing it not realizing that there’s not a single way out of it other than that of embracing it. 

A wise man once said, “either you accept it with tears or a smile, you eventually have to endure it, might as well welcome it with open arms than regretting later on as to why you whined about it”…. Pretty well said. 

It’s certainly not every body’s piece of cake to accept the realities but it’s the collective duty of friends and family to consistently encourage and stimulate the expectation of a  positive outcome because every change carries new possibilities with it, it’s only up to us how we utilize the given chances. Getting into nitty gritties and pointing out the if’s & but’s only causes the change harder to secure. 

My advice: Jump into the pool, the attitude and your intensity of faith in an affirmative resultant will determine whether you stay under or come afloat. 

Hence, change is never good or bad but it’s the way we treat it that wreaks about the effects.






2 thoughts on “It Goes On…

  1. Like they say “Change is inevitable”, yet the human brain takes time to register and adapt to it due to emotional attachment which is also inevitable to effect the human brain. Good or bad, a decision made by the person himself based on perspective and point in time.

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