That Unknown Friend..

As I sat by the window sill; staring out in the open view thinking deep about how i would go about my future plans;

A new house, cash to be aggregated, wedding to be planned, parents to be taken care of & a lot more. 

Music was running constantly in my ears, song unknown, but my brain was pacing with the flow of beats. Turbulent. Dynamic. Fierce

Still consumed by my thoughts, I felt something pierce through my skin from one side..

A pair of eyes.. 

God knows for how long had those eyes been observing me

Felt a cold chill for it was uncalled for.. 

a message popped up on my cell phone then saying something that made me giggle instantly, maybe out of its sheer stupidity or audacity, nevertheless it made me smile and break free from the chains of endless frazzled thoughts, 

A small effort to adorn my face with the upward curve because I am told I look hideous with a solemn expression 

Thank you my not-so-close-yet-a-caring friend, you are splendid 🙂

Sometimes the people you least expect from engrave a long lasting causatum on your mind.




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